Our product range:
a world of variety.

Deyingmall focusses on selling high-grade brand
products which are in great demand in China.

We are well-positioned thanks to our product range.

The future growth in China’s consumer market is especially shaped by the ascending upper middle class and rich households. The young generation’s buying behavior and its positive attitude towards eCommerce generate completely new sales opportunities. As an example: Young men increasingly spend more and more money on skin care products.

Motivated by the new trend many cosmetic brands adjust their strategies to the buying behavior. They are eager to participate in the booming market for modern men. Not only big companies recognize that the change in male behavior offers a huge potential in eCommerce. When will you place your products in our online shop?

Product areas

Beauty and care products for men & women

We offer a broad range of high-grade beauty and care products of renowned manufacturers such as: essence cosmetics, Garnier, lavera, Nivea, Manhattan, Mascara and many others.

Baby care products and baby food

Everything you need for caring for your little ones, starting with baby food up to high-grade baby care products. A selection from our baby brand range: Alete, bebe, Bebivita, Hipp, Humana, Milupa and many others.

Vitamins and food supplements

From A to zinc. We offer everything you need for a healthy daily nutrition which is rich in vitamins. Here are some brand products from our range of food supplements and vitamins: Abtei, Doppelherz, Klosterfrau, tetesept and many others.

German food and European delicacies

You will relish our selected coffee brands, delicious sweets and candies as well as Spanish delicacies, Italian pasta and German sausage products. German and European brand products from our range: Bahlsen, Böklunder, Homann, Hoppe, Melitta, Nescafé, Nestlé and many others.

Quality car care inside and outside

Germans love their cars and want to take care of them – all over, inside and outside. With car care products which conserve your car’s value and beauty. Car care products from our range: Autobrite, CarPro, Collinite, Colourlock, Dakota, Gloria, Grit Guard, Gyeon, HPX, Lexol and many others. 

For animal wellbeing – our product range for your pet

Dog, cat, mouse – we offer a broad product range for your pet’s wellbeing and coddling. Popular pet brand goods from our range: Cesar, Dein Bestes, Felix, Frolic, Kitekat, Sheba and many others.

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